someday we will find what we are looking for.
or maybe we won't
maybe we will find something much greater than that.


Just love this expression~


Jealousy is the lowest form of human emotions, which is both crude and immature. Because it’s an emotion that began with the fear that the respective partner’s affection may be bestowed upon another. This emotion, which is similar to anger, manifests from the toddler age. When [the child] sees his mother hug another child and is loving, he may throw a tantrum, vomit the food he ingested, or sucking his thumb, for example. Typically, it’s referred to as “regression”. Even if [the person] is a fully matured adult, the person with weak self-regard, experiences the process of regression when he falls in love with someone. They express the emotion of jealousy by speaking or acting cruelly in fear of losing that someone to another.


To stay one step ahead of the enemy, one must fight aggressively behind a poker face of calm.


Park Shin Hye For Mamonde CF ~